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RE2 Datasheets include technical details and specs for our robotic systems.

The Highly Dexterous Manipulation System datasheet includes specs, compatibility and benefits of this dual-arm system.

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The Imitative Controller datasheet provides full details about RE2's intuitive dual-arm dexterous controller.

eBook Series

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Benefits of a Dual-Arm Robotic System is the first in a four-part eBook Series about Mobile Manipulation. In this eBook you will discover the technical details, benefits, and unique capabilities of a Highly Dexterous Manipulation System.



Imitative Control: An Essential Tool for Dexterous Manipulation is the second in a four-part eBook Series about Mobile Manipulation. In this eBook you will learn the importance of using an imitative controller for completing dexterous tasks while operating a mobile robot.

The Next Frontier: Dexterous Maritime Manipulation System is the third eBook in our Mobile Manipulation series. This eBook explains the features, benefits and technical aspects of RE2’s underwater dual-arm manipulation technology.



TechCrunch: RE2 is making bomb-defusing robots as intuitive to control as your own hands

By Brian Heater, TechCrunch, June 13, 2017

Within a few minutes, I’ve got one hand grasped gingerly on the zipper. The other is holding the bag’s handle in place. I unzip it slowly, as if performing surgery. There’s none of the pressure of a real life battlefield, but the potential humiliation of having to start all over again in front of the film crew is enough motivation to it right this time. 





Task & Purpose: Need A Hand? These Advanced New Bomb Disposal Robots Can Help With That

By James Clark, Task & Purpose, July 21, 2017

There was a pretty clear theme at this year's Office of Naval Research Tech Expo in Washington, D.C. on July 20: Robots and lots of them. Big ones, small ones; drones that fly, some that swim, and at least one that did both; and a few bots that could probably kick ass in an arm wrestling competition. But some of the most impressive robots at the expo were focused on an important task: bomb disposal. Among the rigs on display was the Highly Dexterous Manipulation System, a bomb disposal platform from RE2 Robotics now in its fourth iteration.

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Check out this video footage of the Going Deep podcast with Aaron Watson. Aaron interviewed CEO, Jorgen Pedersen and took a test-drive of RE2's HDMS two-armed system plus the Imitative Controller. Aaron was able to learn and operate RE2's robot in a matter of minutes. RE2 Video begins at 3:50.

Check out the capabilities of the RE2 Highly Dexterous Manipulation System. This video shows not only the dexterity of the system, but also its strength and precision placement functions.

President & CEO, Jorgen Pedersen, shares his views about the Pittsburgh region and its growing robotics industry. Pittsburgh is no longer a dirty steel hub. But the work ethic of our citizens makes Pittsburgh a great place to build a business.

Jorgen Pedersen receives the Carnegie Science Center's Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2016. This video highlights why Jorgen started RE2 Robotics and what drives him to make RE2 Robotics a success.





Industry Resources

Pittsburgh's Thriving Robotics Industry

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance shares the many reasons why Pittsburgh is an ideal city for Robotics in this informative brochure. RE2 Robotics is featured as a key player in the region focusing on Defense market. RE2 is also one of 50+ robotics companies within a three-mile stretch near downtown Pittsburgh known as Robotics Row. This activity is fueled by its proximity to downtown and the universities, affordable space and quality of life amenities.