Mobile Robotic Manipulation Systems

Don't just move through the world... interact with it!

Our technology saves lives and improves quality of life.

RE2 Robotics develops mobile robotic technologies that enable robot users to remotely interact with their world from a safe distance -- whether on the ground, in the air, or underwater. RE2 creates interoperable robotic manipulator arms with human-like performance, intuitive human robot interfaces, and advanced autonomy software for mobile robots.


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RE2's customers are using our robotic manipulator arms in the lab and in the field. Check out our latest customer stories to learn more about our technology in action!


RE2 is known for its modular manipulation expertise. Check out our manipulator arm technologies - from the dual-arm HDMS to the lightweight DM4 series.

HDMS's intuitive control and dexterous manipulator arms make it easy to perform complex tasks.